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There are many ways of getting Government assistance and free money for bills and the reason I know this is because I know what it is to lose everything. In 2009 we lost not only my well-paid job but my wife’s business following the financial crash. We had to start again from scratch with three children to provide for so although we hadn’t ever claimed benefits and really hated the fact that we needed to, our children’s welfare was paramount and this was no time for false pride. I also thought about all those £10,000 tax bills I used to ponder over and bleat about. I thought if I secured my family’s financial stability I could work on getting my life back on track.

Obviously being unemployed, I had plenty of time on my hands in between looking for work and attending interviews. I looked into ways of making money online and anything I could do just to keep me sane. Through necessity I became an expert in what Government assistance is out there. In the UK there is plenty of help of course as we have the best welfare system in the world, although most Governments have set up money advice websites which have all sorts of help to get your finances in order. There is help with loans, debt management and how much Government assistance you are entitled to.

The Government’s own website has great advice on what benefits you are entitled to. All links are at the bottom of this article. You need to spend some time and visit the relevant websites for your Country and see what government assistance is available for you. Most of them have an online survey that you complete and at the end of it you will be presented with a report on which benefits are available to you and exactly where to get them. You may need to send off proof of residency etc. But stick with it, do it properly and be honest… the Government will want the money back if you claim too much.

Even if you are working, you still need to check this out as there is Government assistance for people in work as well, especially if you have a family and are on a low income. Don’t forget to inform them when your circumstances change as your entitlement will change with your income. This is especially important if you get bonuses or commission. Don’t be too proud to ask for help especially if you have others that depend on you. This is no time for false pride, get help, get organised and be proactive every day and you will get back on track and self-sufficient before you know it.

With the internet you have a library in your living room and all you need to find out what is available to you. Don’t dwell on things you can’t change or improve, concentrate on what you can improve and craft a better future for yourself and your family. Check out what Government assistance is available to you and then work on a new career. Free money for bills links below.

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