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Ecommerce Websites and Creating a Free Online Store

If you have a computer or laptop and access to the internet then you can start a free online store or ecommerce website as they are known. Anyone can do this and if you use drop shipping you don’t even need to buy stock. That’s right... you can start a free online store and get products absolutely free.

An ecommerce website is just a website where people can buy products, such as kid’s clothes, electrical goods, antiques or toys. Ecommerce websites sell tangible products rather than services. Many people are using this method to create a second income and some are even building their free online store into something quite substantial and creating a full time income from home. It’s a lot easier than you think these days. You don’t need any programming skills or marketing knowledge.

So... where can you get a free online store? The best place I have found and still use myself is Auctiva Commerce, just Google it and you will find their website. They specialise in helping people with an eBay shop and this is how they started. However, they have an ecommerce section and this is where you need to go to find out about starting your free online store. They have video tuition and plenty of help available. Read it all and take in as much as you can before beginning to build your store. They have store templates so it’s very easy to get started.

What to sell? I would always suggest something you are interested in as you may need to write descriptions of products so it’s best to choose something you like buying yourself. If you are into fishing, sell fishing equipment. If you are into cars, sell car accessories, you get the picture. My wife and I started a kid’s designer clothes store called because I have three children and therefore didn’t need to pay for models. But it is important that you choose something you really like yourself because in the beginning this will be more of a hobby than a business... until it takes off, and it will, if you take your time and do it properly.

Where are you going to get the stock from? Well... you either buy wholesale if you have the money to invest in stock or you can take the less risky route and find companies that will allow you to drop ship. Drop shipping is where you sell a product before ordering from the supplier and have it delivered to the customer. The difference between what you sell it for and what you buy it for is your profit margin. You should aim for at least 30% profit. Look at it in the same way as commission. You will make more money if you buy stock but there is more risk. With drop shipping there is no risk!

You can find drop shippers on wholesale websites but the best way is to ask companies that sell the products you want to sell because you will get better deals by negotiating with companies that are willing to drop ship. Don’t worry; in these difficult times many more companies are looking to drop shipping to increase cash flow.

Google “Auctiva Commerce” and check out their website, you could have your very own free online store up and running in no time. There are charges for each sale you make but you build this into your profit and it is a minimal charge of only about 5% max, so you are not going to pay unless you have sold something. I know what you are thinking... consumer confidence is down right now but look at it this way. Build a little online shop now, use drop shipping to reduce the risk, learn your trade and when consumer confidence returns you will be well placed to capitalize on the revitalised economy. There is always a boom after a recession... so be ready!

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