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There are many ways of making money online and over the years I have amassed many ebooks to help and I will be adding them on here for you to download for free.

Sometimes all we need is a leg up and this is my way of do this, I started in this business in the year 2000 and it was completely new to me although I was experienced in Information Technology but knew little of the opportunities available online.

Whichever route you take there will be something on here to help once we get around to uploading them all. I have several concerns on the go so this may take a while but it will be a great library of educational ebooks to help those people, like myself who aren't willing to settle for second best and are willing to learn something new with an open mind.

My name is Frank London and I owned Cashpointmonkey amongst othere concerns but it got too big with many different subjects and become confusing to the user. So I decided to close it and split all the subjects up into there own websites so each website deals with only one subject and consequently can be tailored more towards the visitor.

Well... once this website is finished I hope you find it helpful and perhaps you can work towards a little online empire of your own and generate some great residual income. It really is worth the effort when you get it right money comes your way even in these times easier than you think!

Please be aware that some links in the ebooks may not work and Free Money for Bills takes no responsibility for the content of ebooks not produced by ourselves.

FREE eBooks below!

Download, read... absorb and get a better understanding of how making money online works:

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Free Money For Bills was created in 2012 for all those people (like me) that lost their jobs or business and needed to find a way to make money some other way. We also show you how to get help with your finances. There is free money for bills available to all! You just need to take the time to find it.

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